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Plot 46 

Plot: The girls are walking down the street and They boys are vampires!! The boys are thirsty and are trying to catch the girls. Then the boys start to fall in love with them and the girls decide that they want to be a vampires.

Niall: Hes the leader of the group and can read minds. He sees His girl and feels something special about her. He decides not to bite her then. He doesnt want his girl to become a vampire like himself, He wants her to live and do human things. He protects her from the guys and girls. When he brings her into the house they all go a bit crazy since shes still a human and still has blood inside her.
Nialls Gf: She wants to become a vampire very badly. Shes okay with Nialls reasons but shes doing anything she can to change his mind. When and If he bites her she will be able to cause pain on anyone but a shield. Her pain is strong enough she can bring someone down to their knees by just giving them her glare.

Harry: He can control emotions. As soon as he caught a whiff of his girl and cant control himself and he bites her right then and there changing her immediately. As soon as he gets a good look at her he uses his emotion control and makes her fall in love with him.
Harrys Gf: She was a scared of Harry as he chased her down. After he bit her and she finally got a good look at him he immediately felt attracted towards him.  Shes a bit of a crazy newborn.  Her power is that she has a charge. She can control it to where its strong or off. Whenever its on and she touches then she can get them spazzing in pain.

Louis: He can shapeshift. He has a bit more of selfcontrol than some of the other guys. He tries to seduce his girl a bit before he turns her on the street that night. He is very charming, forceful, and dominate.
Louis Gf: Shes sweet as can be. After Louis bites her shes very angry at him and refuses to eat/drink anyone or anything. She eventually gets too hungry and goes too one of the other guys and asks for help hunting. She is a shield.


Zayn: He can control the elements (Earth, air, fire, water). He has some anger issues and gets ticked off very easily. He is the first one to spot the girls and make his move on them. He feels something different about his girl and he had to taste her blood.
Zayns Gf: Shes quite the bad ass herself. Lip ring, nose ring, a few tattoos. She can be quite intimidating to people who don’t know her personally. She thinks Zayn is really different and like the male version of herself. She hates him at first but slowly warms up to him. She can control the weather.

Liam: He can heal anyone or anything. Hes calm and level headed, But when he saw his girl out on that street something got over him and he knew he had to make her his. He doesn’t waste any time. He just sneaks up behind her and sinks his teeth into her neck.
Liams gf: She has the biggest heart ever! She tries to fight back when Liam bites her even know theres nothing she can do she still tries. She doesn’t know why Liam picked her, but she doesnt mind because she thinks hes very hot. She has more self control then any of the other girls being theyre newborns. She can move things with her mind.


The girls are coming home from shopping, Its about 10:30 and all the shops have just closed and theyre walking back home (Girls all live in the same building) and the guys spot them. The guys do their thing and take the girls back to the house they have. They have a nice house in a secluded part of the forest and its nice and quiet.

——Start from the girls leaving a shop right before it closes——

Plot 45


Plot: The boys are vampires and so is (Louis Gf) and (Zayns Gf). The other girls got into a game of truth or dare. One of the girls dares the other girls to go into the woods. She gets worried when they dont come back after 15 minutes and goes to look for them. The boys find the the girls. The boys take the girls to their house and keep them captive. Will they bite and change them? Will they eventually fall in love?
(Twlight style. Everyone can choose their own powers. Duplicates of powers are okay.)

Plot 44

Plot: Harry is the arrogant, man whore that wants (Harrys Gf) and wants to kill anyone That Flirts With Her to make her his and will do anything to win her over. Niall appears to be the sweetest boy ever, but really is a vicious killer who has started to take after Harry’s ways. Niall’s girlfriend  happens to be the only one who can calm him down when he goes on his killing sprees. Zayn is the one with quite a temper and couldn’t be happier dating the so called “love of his life” (Zayns Gf). (Zayns Gf) is a bitch who’s dating Zayn, yet she went behind his back and slept with a human and is now secrely pregnant with his child. (Louis Gf) is one of the smartest vampires there is and belives she doesn’t need anyone to love, yet she is slowly developing feelings for Louis. Louis is still desperately trying to ask (Louis Gf) out. (Liams Gf) is the leader of the house who also happens to be dating a human Liam. Liam desperately wants to be turned into a vampire to be with ­­(Liams Gf)­ forever and will do anything To become one too

Plot 43

Plot: The guys have just finished the Take me home tour. To celebrate they decided to head to a club. Bad idea. See Liam is the leader of all the boys. He controls everything they do. Liam also has this one rule: No matter how hot or sexy the girl is, you can not bite her. Even though they have that rule, almost every time they go to a club, they constantly try to show off how much they can scare a girl. When the boys meet these girls at a club, will they scare them to death, break their only rule, or suffer from Liam’s rage? 
(Boys choose their own powers and girls will too if they get bitten)

Plot 42

Plot: There IS a band.
Everyone knows each other and everyones dating.
Couples live together.
Liam/Liams GF: Daddy Direction gets all the calls, and One Direction is VERY busy. His girlfriend was raped like 3 months ago but they all forgot about it, and now his GF finds out shes pregnant. Daddy Direction is actually a daddy, now.
Niall/his GF: Niall gets ALOT of hate. At one of their signings a girl asks for a picture with the band, but leaves niall out. That night Niall goes home…. And he doesn’t know what to do, that’s been happening a lot. His girlfriend is trying to prevent something stupid happening.
Harry/his GF: Harry is ALWAYS trying to get his GF to have sex, but will they ever?
Zayn/his GF: His GF is getting TONS of hate, she cuts. Zayn finds out about her cutting and tries to stop it.
Louis/his GF: Louis is ALWAYS hyper, and his GF is finding it hard to cope after her parents passed away in a car accident

Plot 41

Plot: We are in bands.
Boys-One Direction.
Girls- (Make up a name)
Niall: Gets alot of hate from fans and its starting to get to him.
Nialls Gf: Shes like the main one of the girls band. She always gets the bad press.  
Liam: Is the mature one. He’s always trying to calm these boys down, His drama? Well…Lets just say he REFUSES to go home to his parents and sister, because they think he’s mental and wanna put him in a mental institution.
Liams Gf: Shes the quiet one. She lost her parents at a young age and is currently living with foster parents
Louis: Always hyper ALWAYS. Can Lou get (Louis Gf) To Loosen Up?
Louis Gf: The calm headed one. She always makes sure everyone gets where they need to be on time. 
Zayn: Short temper, but can read people LIKE AN OPEN BOOK.
Zayns Gf: Shes the tough one. Everybody always thinks shes a bitch by the way she looks and dresses. Sshes really one of the sweetest people ever.
Harry: Calm, and cheeky. Hes also a player/cheater.
Harrys Gf: Shes the flirty one. She is the girl who always has a ‘Boyfriend’ what people dont know is that shes only had 2. She is always being rumored with a new guy each week.

What happens when the GIRLS and the BOYS have to go ON TOUR together? Will dogs (boys) and cats (girls) Fight? OR WILL LOVE BE MADE? 

Plot 40 (Whoop Whoop)

Plot: Liam has some SERIOUS trust issues and is a mental patient, Niall just adopted him from a mental center and is trying to get him to open up to people but its harder cause of how he was treated in the mental center. He only trusts Niall and tries to stay away from the other boys as much as possible. He opens up to (Insert Nialls Gf) First, Even though the other boys want to get him to open up to them. 
Niall: Niall has problem with the bullies and the bullying, he’s trying to pull through but its hard, hes always depressed.
Louis: Louis has a problem. A girl problem. Hes madly in love with (Insert Louis Gf). He is trying to make her his, so he kidnaps her. Harry: Harry has a problem with (Insert Harrys Gf). Does the same thing Louis did, they actually teamed up and worked together kinda.
Zayn: Zayn has a short temper and gets mad and yells easily. Other times he’s sweet and caring and the kindest man on earth! 
All the girls: the two kidnapped girls hate all the boys, but never met Liam. The others are in love with the boys, and (Insert Liams Gf) wants Liam to open up to her. 
Eventually everyone falls in love and dates 

Plot 39


The guys go to the playboy mansion and meet the girls. They stay for a while and have fun with the girls.

LIAM/GF: they like each other alot and he is always sexual to her. She teases him alot!!

LOUIS/GF: Lou is friendly but she always try’s to get in his pants.

ZAYN/GF: they both drink alot and make out. Zayn is very forceful but she stays with him.

HARRY/GF: there very playful and a cute couple.


NIALL/GF: he likes her alot but she always whores around to get him jealous. (she kisses the other guys.)

Plot 38

It’s a regular day at school, then last period comes they get a surprise project. Raising a fake baby!
The couples get paired up and the girls have to live with the guys and have the same last name as them for a whole month while taking care of the fake baby. 
Harry and Gf- Have no problem with the project because they both secretly like eachother. (Aww cute!) 
Liam and Gf- ABSolutely (get it ABS?) hate eachother to the extent where they won’t even be in the same room together. 
Louis and Gf- They have been in a relationship forever and one day during the month they sit and talk about the future. She has it all planned out but Louis isn’t too sure of what he wants. Will She be too planned out and serious for Louis? (Oooh couple problems smh.) 
Niall and Gf- Things happen during the month and She finds out She’s pregnant, with Niall’s baby! How will he take it? 
Zany and Gf: picture perfect couple. But Zayn’s drinking has become a problem, and it’s getting out of hand. But She tries to ignore it. How long can she stick out?

Plot 37 

Plot: The Boys Have Been On Tour For About 4 Months and Are Finally Coming Home.
Harry/Gf: They Have Been Friends For a Few Years and They Always Act Like a Couple. They Have Been Skyping and Texting Alot. Harry asked Her Out Over Skype One Night After a Concert. They Haven’t Actually Seen Each Other In Person Since They’ve Been In This Relationship. Whats Gonna Happen When She Picks Him Up From The Airport?

Niall/Gf: They’ve Been Best Friends For Like Ever. They Went To A Party Together and Woke Up In Bed With Each Other The Next Morning. They Didnt Think Much Of It Then. Now She Is 4 Months Pregnant and Niall Doesnt Know Yet Only (Nialls Gf)’s Best Friend (Zayns Gf) Knows About The Baby. Will Niall Support Her and The Baby? What Will Become Of Their Friendship?

Liam/Gf: They’ve Been Dating For About 8 Months Now and They’re Very Happy. Some Old Pictures Have Been Resurfacing Of (Liams Gf) With Other Guys. They’re From The Past But What Will Happen When Liam Sees Them When He Gets Home?

Louis /Gf: You and Him Had Been Dating For About a Year Now. Louis Has Always Been His Loud Crazy Self But Towards The End Of The Tour He Had Missed (Louis Gf) Alot and Was Kinda Sad. The Fans Thought You Had Hurt Him In Some Way and Started Sending You a Bunch Of Hate. What Does He Do?

Zayn/Gf: You and Zayn Have Been Together Probably The Longest Out Of Any Of The Couples. You’ve Always Been All Cutesy and Stuff. He Wants You To Be His Forever and Hes Ready To Propose. Will He Get The Guts To Do It? What Will You Say?

(Starts From The Boys Landing On The Plane)

Plot 36

Plot: The Girls Are In a World Famous Girl Band Trouble 5x! (Fans Troublemakers) They’re Touring it Up Around The Globe Right Now. They Have a Stop In London For One Of Their Shows. They Got Lucky and Get a Day Off Before Their London Show So They Go Shopping! But What Will Happen When Five Ordinary Guys Catch Their Eyes? Will The Guys Fangirl or Play It Cool? Hell Will The Even Know Who They Are?! Only Time Can Tell…. 

Plot 35

6 years have passed, Louis’ 26 years old, Married while a young toddler. Louis and his wife are finding it hard to cope with having a newborn baby, and are both constantly stressed out.

Niall is 25 and his Fiancee are in wedding planning mode, they’re getting married in less than a week and Nialls getting cold feet,

Liams 25 years old and he and his fiancée want to try for a baby but Liams unsure about whether or not he’s fit to be a father,

Zayn is 25 years old and is trying to pop the question, but he’s scared she’ll say no.

Harry and his girl are both newlyweds and they’ve just found out they’re expecting, And Harry’s freaking out about supporting the child

Plot 34 

PLOT:) Louis and Harry haven’t seen each other in 15 years now and they decide to catch up by going on a trip to a resort in Spain! 
TOMLINSON family: (T-Son 17)  keeps getting told off by his parents for his attitude but does that change when he meets (S-Daughter 16)? (T-Son 15) is the boy who keeps the family together when they’re in arguments, he’ll sort out any situation.. He becomes best friends with (S-Daughter 14) (You can choose whether you want to date or not:3) (T-Daughter 15) is the troublemaker like (T-Son 17), if anyone has an argument.. It would be them two. Does she change when she meets (S-Son 16) ? 
Louis & His wife: You two love your family to pieces but you hate it when you argue, you’re quite strict but you still have a laugh and you’re quite childish together;) 
STYLES family: (S-Daughter 14) is there to cheer everyone up and to make sarcastic comments, she loves her family and wouldn’t change it for the world, especially when she becomes friends with (T-Son 15). (S-Daughter 16) takes after Harry… a lot, she’s very outgoing and flirty, Just when (T-Son 17) walks into her life, she’s very carefree and won’t listen to Harry & His wife, but when does she take things too far?! (S-Son 16) likes a challenge and loves spending time with (S-Daughter 14), he’ll stick up for her and take care of her, he’s very cheeky towards his parents but is very understanding. How will (S-Daughter 14) react when (S-Son 16) starts paying less attention to her and more to (T-Daughter 15)?
 Harry & His wife: You two are expecting a fourth child soon and can’t wait, but you’ve recently had a bit of an argument.. Will the trip bring them closer again?!